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The Osage River

I just get pushed from place to place without a home. I think I might just jump and end it all.

But then this place isn't on the way to anywhere. No one would ever find me. What a waste.

Guess I'll just enjoy the view on the Osage River. Hey, this is kind of relaxing!!! These people that live in the middle of nowhere might just have life figured out.

Take in one last view then I think I'll head for Texas. Might even consider a "Last Stand at the Alamo"

Moving on. Texas or Bust!!!!



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Oh Wise Frog

Oh wise frog who lives in the bird house. I was abandoned but I am tied to my owner for life because his name is engraved on me. Do you think when he gets done building his big mansion he will have room for both of us in some corner???????


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My Hero

When I grow up I want to be just like the 2014 Coney Dog Winner. He was so famous they didn't even put his name on the trophy!!!

My Hero

My Hero

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Going to visit friends

Seeing what parts of US has to offer


After two weeks in India, I think I'll stick around the US for a while. I met some nice people in Norfolk who live in different places. I think I'll go visit some of them and see what life is like in their hometown. You may see me on your doorstep.

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Heading back to Goa

And met the biggest trophy I've ever seen.

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I wouldn't even get in the picture. I felt so small. Definitely had size envy. Maybe Jared's trophy case is the best place for me after all.


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